Fall and Spring Clean Up

Our Fall and Spring Clean Up service will give your yard a fresh start each season, removing debris, trimming plants and hedges, and ensuring everything looks great.
  • Fall and Spring Clean Up for 5th Star Landscaping LLC. in Bastrop, TX
  • Fall and Spring Clean Up for 5th Star Landscaping LLC. in Bastrop, TX

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about getting your yard ready for spring and summer. A fall and spring clean-up service is a great way to get your yard looking its best throughout the seasons. Here are some reasons why you should book a fall and spring clean-up service:

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Plants: As the seasons change, so do the plants in your yard. Some plants may not be suitable for the upcoming season, or we might just not look as good anymore. A fall and spring clean-up service will help you get rid of any unwanted plants that are taking up valuable space in your garden or lawn.

2. Lawn Maintenance: The weather can take its toll on our lawns throughout the winter months, leaving them patchy and dry come Springtime. A fall and spring clean-up service will help keep your lawn looking healthy all season long by aerating it before winter sets in, overseeding it during Springtime, fertilizing it as needed throughout both seasons, and providing regular mowing services as well as edging near walkways and patios to give a neat finish to your landscape design .

3. Safety: Winter storms can bring debris into our yards such as branches from trees or dead leaves left over from last season that can cause safety hazards if left unattended for too long . Scheduling regular maintenance services will ensure these items are cleared away before we become hazardous for family members or pets playing outdoors in the warmer months .

4. Curb Appeal : An attractive outdoor area adds value to any home , but an untidy one detracts from it's overall appeal . Scheduling regular maintenance services ensures that everything is kept tidy , which helps maintain an attractive exterior no matter what time of day potential buyers might be viewing your property .

5 Clean Gutters : Fall brings wet leaves that often clog gutters if not cleaned out regularly . Doing this yourself can be dangerous so booking a professional gutter cleaning company who have access to ladders , tools , hoists etc is highly recommended when needing gutters cleared out efficiently without exposing yourself unnecessarily to risk of injury due climbing ladders etc..

6 Reduce Pests : As summer approaches pests become more active which means more pest control treatments need done but this could be avoided by having a proffessional come through beforehand with their experience we can identify areas where pests like hiding & nesting then recommend preventative measures such as making sure bushes & shrubs don't touch walls surrounding homes potentially providing easy access points into homes & provide advice against anything else aiding pest infestations..

7 Save Time : Working outdoors isn't everyone's cup of tea so rather than spending days doing chores outside book someone who knows what we're doing & enjoy free time while someone else takes care of things allowing you peace of mind knowing work has been done correctly without having spent hours completing tasks yourself..

Booking a fall and spring clean-up service provides many benefits beyond just keeping up appearances - from safety concerns addressed by removing debris caused by winter storms , reducing pests numbers before even needing pest control treatments applied through keeping areas tidy all round helping reduce infestations happening , curbing appeal adding value via maintaining an attractive exterior plus saving time because working outdoors isn’t always fun! So make sure you book yours today!

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  • out of 5 stars

    We have used 5th Star Landscaping for 3 years now. We have never been disappointed with the quality of their work. Highly recommend!!

    Richard Black Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Josh and his crew did exactly what I wanted. The price was great and they were done in about 2 hrs. They were very friendly; I didn't feel like I was just a job and a credit card. Highly recommend Josh and 5th Star Landscaping for your outdoor needs.

    Sherri Bryant Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    5th Star Landscaping is very good at what they do. From the estimate to their final step they were very hardworking and great to work with. The job is beautiful and just want we wanted done. Joshua knows what he is doing.

    Randy Simon Home Owner

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